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​A crawl space is not always accessible for the human body due to tight spaces, hazardous materials, wet or damp soil and of course the occasional possum, skunk, cat, dog, rat, etc. It's tough to have to let the buyer know you couldn't get into the crawl space or parts of the crawl space but with this device, no crawl space will go unseen.

With this crawl space robot you can enter any crawl space and do a full inspection no matter the condition, snapping photos or videos from the remote screen and controller. This fully immersive inspection robot can be viewed by the inspector, realtor and buyer. Items that are usually "scary" or hard to understand can be visually seen and explained during the inspection to all parties involved so when the report arrives a full understanding of an otherwise "scary" area of the home can be understood and easily interpreted.

This crawl robot can be sent into any crawl space, will fit into areas inspectors can't and wont get tired. It will crawl over any terrain. The job can now always get done on site with no "reasons" as to why it couldn't. Saving time, money, energy and stress spent on an otherwise limited inspection contingency period.

Each robot is used on every inspection as needed.

DIMENSIONS: 7.5" Tall x 10.5" Wide x 18" Long.

Interested in purchasing one for your own enjoyment? Give us a call and we can build one to order.

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